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Ready to improve your Writing, Promptly?

Become a better writer today with over 200 thought-provoking prompts designed to help you get to know yourself better.

Designed to dive deeper

Writing Promptly has been created to ask questions that inspire insightful writing. Knowing yourself is the first step in connecting with others through writing, so we've selected questions that will guide you into reflective writing.

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"Great ideas but doesn't beat you over the head or feel cheesy."

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"100% fabulous for aspiring songwriters."

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"This book creates space to think of and create my own rhymes and lines."

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Invaluable tools for writers of all disciplines

Expand your useable vocabulary by building your own thesaurus + rhyming dictionary with Writing Promptly. Single-word exploration streamlines your writing process by creating associations and crafting immersive worlds for your readers.

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